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We are autoSense

Our vision

We are constantly working to create an open Swiss ecosystem that completely redefines the relationship between driver and vehicle.

autoSense Ltd.

autoSense is a provider of integrated mobility solutions for efficient fleet management as well as mobile applications. The products and services help companies monitor vehicle fleets, optimize operations and reduce operating costs while reducing their environmental footprint. The range also includes modular e-charging solutions for companies. It enables centralized management and billing of all charging processes of electric vehicles. This helps companies to efficiently manage their electric fleets and to facilitate the integration of electric vehicles into their fleets. autoSense was founded in 2018 and is based in Zurich. Investors include Swisscom, AMAG Group and Zurich Insurance.

Our roadmap

The autoSense story

What we are doing to develop autoSense and what we have planned for the future.


Founding of autoSense

autoSense, founded by Jaap Vossen, begins its journey with a team of 5 employees to develop innovative digital mobility solutions. Swisscom supports the founding of the company as an investor and ensures that cars are connected via IoT.


AMAG as another investor

AMAG joins autoSense as an investor, acquires 50% of the shares and thus marks an important step in the automotive sector. This partnership paves the way for autoSense to consolidate its leading position in vehicle trading and digital mobility solutions.


Introduction of the Fuel Card

autoSense is revolutionizing the refueling experience with the introduction of the first digital Fuel Card, which can be used at over 300 Migrol filling stations. Customers can control and pay for refueling processes directly via the app, which increases convenience and efficiency.


Zurich as third investor

Zurich Insurance acquires 33.3% of autoSense and thus expands its range of strategic partners. This investment underlines confidence in the high potential for innovative solutions with autoSense in the insurance sector.


Pay per kilometer with Simpego

In collaboration with Simpego, autoSense launches Switzerland's first pay-per-kilometer insurance. Simpego FlexDrive is the innovative insurance for flexible and usage-based billing, in which the user only pays for the actual kilometers traveled.


Acquisition of Haysquare AB

By acquiring Swedish software developer Haysquare AB, together with Telia Company, autoSense is strengthening its goal of creating the largest open ecosystem in Europe for connected cars and shaping the IoT landscape.


Approved logbook

The autoSense logbook is the only one in Switzerland that is officially recognized and recommended by the Swiss tax authorities. With over 1.5 million trips per week, it offers a reliable and simple solution for logbook management.


Launch of the new autoSense app

autoSense launches the new app, which makes it onto the shortlist for the Best of Swiss app 2020.


EasyPark service

The partnership with EasyPark expands functionality and provides users with a comprehensive service. The digital parking experience includes an automatic stop when driving away, which saves parking money.


Warranty extension directly via app

Using a special service in the autoSense app, an extension of the warranty can be resolved directly for AMAG vehicles with VWFS (Volkswagen Financial Services) before the vehicle warranty expires.


White Label App

In 2021, autoSense will present the Freemium app, which can also be used without an adapter, attracting over 17'000 users. This move demonstrates autoSense's commitment to making mobility solutions accessible to a wider audience.


Reaching 200 fleet customers

A significant milestone for autoSense in 2021 is reaching over 200 fleet customers. This underlines the trust of business customers in autoSense as a reliable partner for digital fleet management solutions.


Introducing DriveScore

autoSense introduces DriveScore in 2021, an innovative feature that analyses and evaluates driving behavior. This tool helps drivers optimize their driving behavior and contributes to safer and more efficient driving styles.


Migrolcard: first white label app

With the introduction of Migrolcard, the first White Label App, autoSense is expanding its product range in 2021. This app enables seamless integration of mobility services and strengthens autoSense's market position.


ISO 9'001 & 27'001 certification

autoSense achieved ISO 9'001 and 27'001 certification in 2021, which demonstrates its commitment to an efficient quality management system and a first-class ISMS system. The certificates are proof of the high quality and security of autoSense services and the handling of data.


Introduction of Z Volt

In 2022, autoSense will launch the Z Volt app for Zurich Insurance, a White Label App with which electric and plug-in vehicles can be charged without subscription or basic fees. In addition, you can benefit from an attractive unit price at the approximately 3'000 charging stations offered by Z Volt partners.


Launch of Zurich MyWay Service

Zurich MyWay is the next pay-per-kilometer insurance to be launched and launched in the autoSense ecosystem. The user enjoys the protection of classic car insurance, but in addition to a basic fee, only pays per kilometer driven. The mileage and costs are always kept in view via the app.


AMAG: second white label app

The introduction of the AMAG app as a white label solution in 2022 deepens the partnership between autoSense and AMAG. This app represents a further step in expanding the range of connected services and strengthens autoSense's position in the digital mobility sector.


fleetCharge solution

autoSense presents fleetCharge, a modular e-charging solution that revolutionizes the management of electric vehicle fleets. fleetCharge is the innovative end-to-end solution for efficient fleet management and a simplified charging experience for electric vehicles.


Reaching 300 fleet customers

Another milestone for autoSense is reaching 300 fleet customers. This once again underlines the trust of business customers in autoSense as a reliable partner for digital fleet management solutions.


fleetCharge expansion

In 2024, autoSense will focus on expanding fleetCharge to FleetPremium. The aim is to cover the entire chain of charging options. That means all public charging points, charging at home and charging in the office.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles at autoSense

Our actions at autoSense are based on six unique guiding principles. These principles permeate our way of working, our culture, and guide our mission. They are more than just words — they are the essence of what autoSense is all about.

We work quickly and boldly

We have an iterative and agile way of working. We make quick and bold decisions and learn from our mistakes when they happen.

We are creative implementers

We are quick starters or smart followers. We allow ourselves to be guided, but are therefore free to choose our own path.

We are team players

We listen to each other and maintain an open feedback culture. We believe in each other's best intentions and move forward together as a team.

We are product-oriented

We develop our products based on the knowledge and infrastructure that we have. Successful products form the basis of innovation.

We trust and invest in ourselves

We rely on personal responsibility, motivation and promote personal development. A balance between work and life is important to us.

We anticipate the needs of our customers

We listen to our customers to understand their future needs and stay informed about innovations to identify potential.

Who are we

The autoSense team

The people behind autoSense: A dynamic, international team in focus.

Gabriel Izquierdo
Data Engineer

Gabriel comes from warm Spain and is our data engineer who takes care of the health and fitness of our data. When he's not working, he loves two wheels on the road and a board in the snow.

Faton Dauti
Account Manager

As our Account Manager, Faton loves to advise and support our customers. He enjoys meeting the needs of our customers with 100% transparency and future-oriented products. When he's not at work, he's out and about on his motorcycle.

Ambra Soriano
Operations Specialist

Ambra is part of the operations team and is mainly responsible for B2B support. When she's not taking care of customer issues, she plays sports and trains with her three dogs.

Stefano Ceccotti
Full Stack Developer

Stefano comes from Italy and is part of the tech team in the role of full stack developer. He loves writing structured software products, especially for cloud systems. And he loves cooking pasta - Claro!

Dragi Kamov
Full Stack Developer

Dragi is an excellent full-stack developer with a flair for Flutter and mobile app development. As a film and TV show enthusiast and F1 enthusiast, he brings a mix of technical prowess and creativity to the team.

Elena Biaggio
Product Owner

As a PO with strong conceptual, analytical and communication skills, Elena is able to work with cross-functional teams to implement successful development projects from concept to completion. In addition to analytics and development, she loves reading and good food.

Filippo Miorin
Full Stack Developer

Experienced Italian full-stack developer combining expertise in technology and automotive industries. Passionate about mobile development and classic cars. Looking for new challenges to drive innovation at the interface between technology and the automotive sector.

Markus Vaikjärv
Software Architect

Markus is our software architect and responsible for technical developments within our platform. When not working, he spends most of his time hiking and traveling around the world.

Vera Venâncio
Product Owner

As a product owner, Vera is responsible for understanding the needs of our customers in order to make the development process more effective. In addition, she loves prosecco, cooking, boot camp and jogging.

Sachin Mittal

Our CTO is our driving force when it comes to technical innovation. His experience in business development is also very valuable in driving autoSense forward! He loves Tesla, Indian food, and traveling.

Gaspard Feuvray
Technical Product Owner

As Technical Product Owner, Gaspard and the product team turn concepts and business problems into detailed technical solutions. He also has experience with big data and analytics.

Jaap Vossen

Jaap is our CEO and his first word as a child was 'car. ' It's obvious that he came from the IoT business to found autoSense. He wants to take our approach to mobility and cars to a new level.

Massimo Redigolo

Massimo has been in the automotive business for over 30 years and manages sales at autoSense. When he is not making customers happy, he is on the saddle of his racing bike.

Nicolas Noth

Nicolas comes from the start-up scene and agency world. He has been with us as CMO since the beginning and does everything he can to drive autoSense forward. And otherwise? LFC, Long Runs, Drums!

Istvan Farkas
Full Stack Developer

Isti is a full stack developer. Besides his passion for software development he also enjoys working on DIY projects in his free time as well as spending time or playing computer games with his friends.

Greta Kribbe
Head of Internal Operations

Greta pulls all the strings together in the entire autoSense team and is our biggest organizational talent. Great, Greater, Greta!

Jessica Wick
Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist, Jessica breathes a breath of fresh air and a good dose of creativity into the marketing team. When she's not really inspiring our users, she's really hitting the gas in the gym!

Robin Hedinger
Junior UI/UX Designer

Robin is a user experience designer on the product team. In addition to beautiful design, he likes tech, plants, animals and books.

Jasmin Gyger
Marketing Designer

As a marketing designer, Jasmin brings life to our content with photography, design and animation. To clear her mind from work, she goes to the gym and meets friends for a drink.

Manon Bolli

Manon is our product lead and does everything to make customers happy with our product. To this end, she is always developing new ideas and implementing them! She also shows this will to win in show jumping.

Dino Karajic
Product Owner Charging

As a PO and car enthusiast, Dino combines his IT skills with his passion for the mobility industry. Since this changes quickly, the work is flexible, creative and anything but monotonous.

Mustafa Mouzannar
Operations Manager

Mustafa is responsible for the OPS team. He is also responsible for testing new vehicles. Prior to that, he spent 5 years advising Swisscom customers, which means he has a lot of experience.

Jannis Rauschke
Full Stack Developer

Fresh from Germany, Jannis supports the team as a full stack developer. In his free time, sport plays a major role, from bouldering and cycling to skiing and surfing to e-sports.

Edmond Petres
Full Stack Developer

Eddie is a full stack developer. He calls himself a geek, but one of the kind you would drink a beer with. Because he studied in Denmark, he loves anything with 2 wheels - bikes and motorcycles

John Munasinghe
Billing and Reporting Specialist

John loves looking at numbers and enjoys puzzling them. He has a love for cars and a passion for wildlife and conservation. As a sociable person, he enjoys good conversations.

Janosch Ott
Operations Specialist

Janosch loves challenges and varied work. That is why he is in ideal hands with the OPS team. When he is not servicing customers, he likes to spend a lot of time in nature.

Benjamin Richartz
Head of External Operations

Benjamin is our veteran support team and knows everything. Really! If he doesn't respond to your concerns, he is inside or outside and is working out. Preferably with handball, squash or hiking.

Arno Vaillancourt
Data Scientist

As a data scientist, Arno searches for patterns and creates data models that provide new insights & features for our products. He is from the other side of the roasting trench, loves traveling and climbing outside

Alberto Silva
Operations Specialist

Alberto is part of the operation team and answers customer inquiries & solves technical issues. He doesn't exactly check inventory, he likes to travel around the world and read books in the 6 languages he speaks.

Andreas Läuppi
Product Manager

At home in the automotive world for over 20 years, Andreas wants to help shape the future of this exciting industry as a product manager. He loves traveling to foreign countries or snowboarding.

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