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Reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions through trip optimization

Simplified processes

Easy logbook management via mobile app

Cost savings

Fuel consumption & reduced operating costs through route optimization & improved driving behavior

Optimized scheduling

Optimum dispositions of your vehicles through the fleetPro web portal

Maximized utilization

Optimum fleet utilization thanks to valuable data and functions

Your benefits

Where your needs and our product meet

The fleet telematics solution fleetPro is essential for modern companies to ensure efficiency, competitiveness and cost control. fleetPro offers companies a decisive advantage in terms of safety, sustainability and industry leadership through driver data analysis, proactive maintenance management and comprehensive reporting functions.

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Reducing costs through efficiency

By optimizing routes, reducing idle times and improving driver behavior, companies can significantly reduce their fuel consumption and thus reduce operating costs.

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Sustainability in fleet management

fleetPro, as a data-based solution, makes it possible to optimize the use of vehicle fleets, increases transparency, recognizes unnecessary trips and thus contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. In particular, it provides a solid basis for well-founded decisions to optimize fleet size and enables better estimation and planning of vehicle replacement and the transition to electric vehicles.

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Increasing efficiency with web portal

The fleetPro web portal, simplifies the scheduling of employees and the administration of fleets of all sizes. It offers a full range of features, including logbook, map view, statistics, security monitoring, alarms, vehicle control, pool car management, and fleet services. This tool not only enables an optimized allocation of resources through targeted employee deployment planning, but also contributes to reducing costs in the vehicle fleet by providing complete transparency about vehicle usage.

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Simplification through logbook

The fleetPro logbook function offers a simplified and efficient way to manage logbooks. With this function, drivers can conveniently and automatically keep their logbooks within the autoSense app, which minimizes administrative work and increases accuracy. If required, the recorded data can be seamlessly and directly forwarded to the fleet manager, which enables transparent and complete documentation of trip data. This innovative solution helps to optimize fleet management operations and ensures centralized monitoring and analysis of vehicle usage data.

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Paving the way for maximum utilization

fleetPro from autoSense provides important data and functions that enable optimal fleet utilization. By transparently recording fleet usage and differentiating between work, private and business trips, as well as the integrated pool car module with online booking portal for pool vehicles and exact recording of routes, comprehensive tools are available for efficient investment management in fleets.

Maximum efficiency

What fleetPro offers you

fleetPro from autoSense offers a comprehensive fleet solution platform that is designed to minimize costs and time. The web-based solution provides a clear overview for fleet managers and enables simple and efficient fleet management, regardless of its size.

Order tracking in real time

With fleetPro, fleet managers can track vehicle locations in real time, improve route planning, shorten response times, optimize resource utilization and support drivers with precise information in the event of customer complaints.

Maximize fleet utilization

fleetPro optimizes fleet utilization with transparent usage, separation of routes, private and business trips as well as pool car module for booking and route delimitation, supports efficient investment management.

Easy maintenance management

FleetPro detects vehicle problems early on and prevents unexpected failures through automatic maintenance reminders and diagnostic reports. Integration with the garage enables efficient outsourcing of this area.

Reporting and data analysis

Detailed reports in fleetPro provide companies with insights into efficiency, costs and trends. This data is essential for strategic planning and continuous improvement.

Simple logbook management

Optionally, logbooks can be managed easily and automatically by the driver directly in the autoSense app and transmitted to the fleet manager if required.

Pool car management

The Poolcar module in fleetPro makes it easier to book and manage shared vehicles. A clear overview of journeys, drivers, projects and cost centers replaces conventional reservation methods. The mobile version enables flexible reservations via smartphones, tablets and iPads using a QR code.

Protecting privacy

Would you like to protect the privacy of your employees? So do we. Thanks to extensive settings, you can maintain them in the best possible way for every type of use - in accordance with Swiss legislation.
In our PDF, you can find out exactly which data from the logbook, map and statistics is read into fleetPro and displayed in the admin portal, depending on private or business use.

Trust the opinion of our customers

“Thanks to autoSense, we were able to analyse the actual use of our fleet in detail and thus reduce the number of vehicles by 7% in the first year.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Alain Daldoss

Fleet and Logistics Manager, SES, Locarno

“Thanks to regular reconciliations, the latest special solutions have now also been successfully implemented. The collaboration with autoSense was highly professional, focused and effective throughout the project phase.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Werner Häcki

Head of Transport and Railways, KWO

“Thanks to its wide range of functions, autoSense is the best solution on the market for us.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Bruno Koller

CEO, Swisstec 3D

“Thanks to autoSense, our vehicles can be divided and used more efficiently.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Ken Rubio

Sales/Maintenance, F. Rubio AG

“I was impressed by autoSense right from the start! Although there are already similar approaches on the market, autoSense thinks a step ahead. I see an exciting future for our fleet.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Benjamin Pichel

Business Service Operation Manager

“We can already see that overall mileage has declined since using autoSense.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Thomas Stadler

Owner, Driveswiss

“Since the autoSense system is in operation in our 176 vehicles, the work reports are completed much more correctly. We estimate that this will save us between 250,000 and 500,000 francs annually.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Dani Stutz

Commercial Director, Häsler Group

“Danko Catering also focuses on professionalism in fleet management.”
autoSense fleetPro - Effizienz und Innovation im Flottenmanagement

Daniel Danko

GL consultant, Danko-Catering

Use Cases

Our success stories

Nicolas Noth
Reading time ca.

Kraftwerke Oberhasli use fleetPro for their fleet

Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG has been using autoSense fleetPro for their approximately 30 pool vehicles since 2021. Previously manually recorded mileage and time-consuming internal repayments are now a thing of the past.
Nicolas Noth
Reading time ca.

Wetzel Gartenbau Case Study

Wetzel Gartenbau AG has been successfully using the autoSense fleetPro digital logbook for over 2 years. By being able to locate the 26 vehicles, the company was able to optimize short-term deployments, reduce costs, reduce CO2 emissions and offer customers transparent operating times.
Nicolas Noth
Reading time ca.

Orani Malersysteme AG Case Study

Orani Malersysteme AG, a medium-sized SME, has successfully optimized the use of its 16 fleet vehicles with autoSense. Thanks to the simple implementation of autoSense, the company was able to make work and personnel management more flexible, allocate routes to the correct orders, keep an eye on overall mileage and optimize fleet utilization.