Cost savings thanks to fleet management

Nicolas Noth
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Cost savings based on a real example

The calculation example shows the cost savings of a real, anonymized customer analysis with a fleet of 26 vehicles over a period of one year.

Savings potential 1:

Mileage reduction of top 6 vehicles

  • The 26 fleet vehicles covered a total of 239,458 km p.a.
  • Only 23% of fleet vehicles covered 49% of the total kilometers driven

If the mileage of the top 6 vehicles were reduced to the average mileage of the entire fleet (9'210 km), this would result in potential savings of CHF 40,000 per year.

‍ (Calculation: saved 59,300km x CHF 0.70 mobility costs/km)

Savings potential 2:

Rearrangement of Low-2 vehicles

  • The 26 fleet vehicles covered a total of 239,458 km p.a.
  • 8% of fleet vehicles only covered 2% of the total kilometers driven

If you were able to specifically use these Low-2 vehicles more often and thus achieve higher utilization, more working hours could be billed to customers.

Or the radical solution: reduce the size of the fleet by these 2 rarely used vehicles and thus free up tied up capital.


  • The one-time costs amount to CHF 79/adapter = CHF 2,054 for all fleet vehicles
  • In addition, there are annual costs of CHF 17/adapter and month = CHF 5,304
  • Total costs in the first year = CHF 7,358, savings potential for 1 + 2 tbd = >CHF 40,000

This results in a positive balance of at least + CHF 32,642.


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