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Innovative mobility: Apps, Engagement & Data

Our White Label Apps, based on many years of app development experience, support partners in implementing tailor-made mobility visions. With the autoSense Customer Engagement Platform, users can be reached directly and in a personalized way via the app to strengthen customer loyalty. The anonymized data in our cloud provides transparency and gives partners the opportunity to develop new solutions.

White Label Apps

We turn your visions into digital applications

autoSense produces technology solutions that not only optimize individual mobility, but also lay the basis for innovative transportation concepts. Our White Label Apps, characterized by many years of experience in app development, support partners in implementing their customization visions in the digital mobility landscape.

Customer Engagement Platform

Maximize user engagement with the Customer Engagement Platform

Discover our autoSense Customer Engagement Platform for effective in-app communication, exclusively as part of our White Label App solution. With real-time messages, you can inform and retain your users. The platform promotes brand loyalty, provides insights into user behavior, and helps you refine your communication strategy. Use personalized communication and improve the user experience with image-based messages through our advanced modules.

Anonymized data models

Share anonymized autoSense data for your projects

autoSense strives for efficiency, safety and comfort through vehicle connectivity. Our anonymized cloud data provides our partners with innovative solutions and promotes transparency in the exchange of information.

The following use cases are possible:

Mobility behavior

Using anonymized customer data from autoSense, potential accident areas can be identified by monitoring traffic flow patterns and driving behavior. The generated heat maps enable preventive measures to minimize traffic accidents, which can reduce costly and time-consuming speed measurements.

Driving safety

Through access to anonymized vehicle usage data, autoSense enables insurance providers to develop customizations products without hardware investments, which means that the digitization of risk calculations and claims processing transforms the efficiency and customer orientation of the insurance industry.

Impact of exogenous factors on driving behavior & decisions

autoSense analyses the effects of exogenous factors-related energy price increases on driving behavior, fuel consumption and investment decisions of companies and households using anonymized data.

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Improving road safety with data models

autoSense helps improve road safety in cities by analyzing anonymized data on the behavior of road users.
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Share anonymized data for your projects

autoSense enables the joint use of anonymized vehicle data for innovative projects in the areas of traffic monitoring, tailor-made insurance products and research analyses on external factors and their effects on driving behavior.
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Technology solutions for digitizing the mobility industry

autoSense offers technology solutions for digitizing the mobility industry by specializing in the development of White Label Apps. These apps play a crucial role in the interaction between companies and customers, particularly in the automotive and mobility industries, by creating added value for users.