fleetCharge: The future of the charging experience for electric vehicles

Jessica Wick
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Electric mobility has taken the world by storm, and more and more companies recognize the value of efficient charging and fleet management. This is where fleetCharge comes in: an innovative solution that revolutionizes the charging experience for electric vehicles not only for drivers but also for fleet managers.

What is fleetCharge?

fleetCharge is a comprehensive fleet management system developed specifically for the needs of electric vehicle fleets. It offers a range of features aimed at optimising the operation, efficiency and sustainability of electric-powered fleets. With real-time data, detailed analyses and user-friendly dashboards, FleetCharge enables fleet managers to make well-founded decisions.

The core idea behind fleetCharge is to make the charging experience as seamless and easy as possible. With the autoSense charging solution, employees have a variety of charging options available. This gives fleet managers the opportunity to monitor and control the charging process of their vehicles transparently and efficiently.

Web portal and app: hand in hand

The fleetCharge system is accessible via an intuitive web portal, which enhances the app experience with a variety of functions. This portal not only enables fleet managers to efficiently manage their drivers, but also provides tools for managing RFID cards. Administrators can easily assign, activate, or deactivate these cards. This gives companies the flexibility to manage their fleet exactly according to their needs.

But that is just the beginning. The web portal also provides comprehensive statistics and reporting functions that provide valuable data on charging station usage, transaction history, and many other metrics. This enables companies to make well-founded decisions about their fleet.

Expanded control options

Configuring prices, fee rates, and discounts is a crucial aspect for many companies. fleetCharge has recognized this and allows administrators to manage all these aspects with just a few clicks via the portal. This ensures that companies can optimally adapt their pricing structures to their specific requirements.

More than just a charging app

fleetCharge provides drivers with a clear and user-friendly charging app. This app, which is already successfully established on the market, offers drivers full transparency of all their charging transactions. In addition, they can also receive tax-compliant digital receipts via the app. For locations with limited network coverage, such as underground car parks, drivers can also control charging processes using an optional RFID card.

Fleet management made easy

From a central overview of all charging processes to detailed monitoring of charging transactions — fleetCharge offers fleet managers everything they need to optimally manage their fleet of electric vehicles. Whether it's cost transparency, user management or the integration of telematics data, FleetCharge has it covered.

A seamless charging experience

In summary, fleetCharge offers an end-to-end charging solution that is intended for both drivers and fleet operators. With the main goal of simplifying the charging process for electric vehicles while minimizing energy costs, fleetCharge is setting new standards in the world of electric mobility. It is not just a software solution, but a holistic system that paves the way for the future of electric mobility.

Our fleetCharge offers

In the midst of the upsurge in electric mobility, fleetCharge offers tailor-made charging solutions that integrate perfectly into your lifestyle and work style:

fleetCharge Public:

Optimized for the urban environment, this offer ensures easy charging in public areas

fleetCharge Office: 

Transform your company parking lot into a modern charging point for electric vehicles. With our solution, you can effectively manage charging points at work and provide employees with a stress-free charging experience. The charging stations can be switched to roaming. This means that you can also make your charging stations available for public charging outside working hours and thus generate additional income.

fleetCharge Home:

Redefining the charging experience at home. Whether by simply integrating home charging stations via an API or using telematics data for accurate billing — we make home charging more convenient than ever before.

For those looking for a holistic experience, we have fleetCharge Premium:

A complete package that combines all of the solutions mentioned above and guarantees a continuous, smooth charging experience.

More details about these innovative offerings will follow shortly.


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