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Zurich Insurance's partner service that won't let you down in the event of a claim. If there is a traffic accident or if there is uncertainty about insurance issues, Zurich Insurance's new autoSense Partner Service is ready to provide drivers with useful assistance. The autoSense app allows you to understand important steps in the event of a claim, receive valuable tips and report the damage directly in the app. The cooperation between Zurich Versicherungs-Gesellschaft AG and autoSense ensures fast and competent support in insurance issues and claims.

SOS button: Direct connection to Zurich Help Point via app

Stay cool in the event of a breakdown or accident — by activating the Zurich Partner Service in the autoSense app, you get access to an SOS button. This enables a direct connection to a Zurich Help Point, which ensures quick and easy help in the event of damage. Thanks to a search function, you can easily find the nearest Zurich Help Point so that you can quickly be mobile again after a claim.

Zurich Loyalty Program: rewards for exemplary driving

In the Zurich Loyalty Program, Zurich Insurance rewards exemplary driving behavior. Through your driving style, you can collect Z-Points, which you can then redeem in your autoSense app in the loyalty shop. The Z-points are calculated using the average of your braking, acceleration and cornering behavior per trip. The rewards range from being able to plant a tree, relaxing hammocks and free accident coverage. The Zurich Loyalty Program is activated by activating the Zurich Partner Service in the autoSense app.

With the activation of Zurich MyWay or the Zurich Partner Service, the autoSense adapter is free of charge*

The collaboration between Zurich and autoSense not only offers assistance in the event of a claim, but also a range of supporting functions, including online claim recording, free initial information on traffic law issues, rapid assistance in the event of breakdowns through location transfer and mileage based premium calculation.

*Sponsored usage fees: with activated Zurich Partner Service or Zurich MyWay (applies to all vehicle brands)


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