Fleet management for driving schools

Nicolas Noth
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Thanks to fleetPro, you can ensure that your vehicles are always available when you need them. In addition, you can keep track of vehicle usage and costs in order to optimize your fleet.

autoSense FleetPro supports you in managing your fleet, provides valuable data for planning and maintenance and helps to save costs and time - safe, easy, transparent.

Deployment optimization and fleet safety

Vehicle availability and deployment optimization guarantee customer satisfaction. With fleetPro, you ensure that your learners are not standing in the rain and that driving instructors and vehicles are used efficiently.

With fleetPRO, you can manage vehicle maintenance work and receive timely notifications of potential vehicle faults. In this way, you can avoid unplanned downtime and high follow-up costs and ensure the availability of your fleet at all times.

✓ Ensuring fleet readiness

✓ Optimize deployment planning

✓ Ensuring customer satisfaction

Ensuring compliance

By transparently recording usage data, autoSense fleetPro enables employment, tax and certificate-related regulations to be complied with. For example, you can ensure compliance with legal requirements, create expense reports electronically or provide evidence of ISO certifications.

Your data is protected in the best possible way and the privacy of your employees is maintained.

‍✓ Swiss, legally compliant documentation

✓ Maintaining the privacy of your employees

✓ ISO certificate verification documentation

Cost transparency and process automation

With autoSense fleetPro, you can keep an eye on your fleet costs and use of your fleet at all times and analyze them for outliers.

Comprehensive statistics help you with your analysis down to vehicle level and administrative tasks can be automated and time-consuming processes minimized thanks to autoSense FleetPro.

‍✓ Usage transparency and cost optimization

✓ Cost transparency per vehicle

✓ Reduction of administrative work

Logbook evaluation and cost allocation

The evaluation of logbooks and deployment reports to allocate costs to customers, departments or cost centers is time-consuming and prone to errors.

With autoSense fleetPro, thanks to various filter options, you can evaluate the electronic logbooks and allocate costs incurred automatically and efficiently.

Relevant data can be exported easily and quickly as proof of documentation.

‍✓ Easy logbook evaluation

✓ Automated cost allocation

✓ Export function for documentation

Find out more now why fleetPro is the right fleet management solution for you


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