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Jessica Wick
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fleetCharge provides fleet managers with a holistic solution for managing their electric vehicle fleet, including an app solution for drivers. This already successfully established app not only offers drivers full transparency of their charging transactions, but also allows tax-compliant digital receipts to be easily created directly in the app. In addition, drivers in areas with limited network coverage, such as underground car parks, can conveniently control their charging processes via an optional RFID card.

Clear charging app for drivers and fleet managers (optional with RFID card)

The tried and tested and clear app from autoSense is already being used successfully on the market. Drivers benefit from full transparency of all charging transactions and have the option of receiving tax-compliant digital receipts directly in the app. The option to control the charging process using an RFID card offers a practical solution for places with limited network coverage, such as underground car parks. At the same time, the app enables fleet managers to efficiently manage and control the entire fleet of electric vehicles.

Benefits of the autoSense app for drivers and fleet managers

  • 100% control of data for drivers and fleet managers: Drivers retain full control of their charging data at all times, while fleet managers have a comprehensive overview of the entire fleet.
  • Simple tax statement for sales force share: The app makes it easier for drivers to document charging processes in the field, while fleet managers get a clear overview of where their vehicles are used.
  • Easy creation of travel expense reports for drivers and fleet managers: Drivers can easily create travel expense reports and access the collected data from the app. Fleet managers can efficiently track the total expenditure of their fleet.
  • Tax authorities-compliant, digital logbook for drivers and fleet managers: The app allows you to keep a digital logbook that meets the requirements of the tax authorities. Fleet managers have access to comprehensive statistics on vehicle usage.
  • Access to autoSense partner services for drivers and fleet managers: Drivers receive exclusive access to autoSense partner services, while fleet managers benefit from extended functions to manage their fleet even more efficiently.

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