Clever solutions for parking, insurance and garage service

Jessica Wick
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In our fast-paced world, mobility and flexibility are more important than ever. Whether it's driving, insurance, or parking, we're all looking for solutions that make life easier for us. This is exactly where autoSense comes in and presents a revolutionary concept for all car drivers.

Digital garage service

Imagine yourself sitting in an office and with just a few clicks you can make the next appointment for your tire change. Or you're on the road and notice a strange sound on your car. No problem! With the autoSense garage service, you can contact your garage directly and easily. The autoSense adapter plays a central role here. It collects data about the condition of your car and sends it directly to your garage. This allows the specialist staff to get an exact picture of your vehicle before you visit. And the best part? The app gives you an overview of warranty services at any time and can even extend them.

Insurance has never been so smart

We all know that: Every year, we reconsider whether our car insurance still suits us. With autoSense, this uncertainty is a thing of the past. The principle is extremely simple: You only pay for the kilometers you actually drive. This is particularly beneficial for those who do not use their car on a daily basis. This is made possible by close cooperation with renowned insurance partners such as Zurich Insurance and Simpego. These companies have recognized that the future of car insurance lies in flexibility. And should any damage occur, autoSense is there to help and advise you. You can report the claim via the app and also have direct contact with your insurance expert. It couldn't be easier!

Stop parking frustration

Who doesn't know it: You're out and about in the city, and the search for a parking space becomes a real test of patience. But autoSense also has the right solution for this. With EasyPark's activated partner service, you can easily pay parking fees via the app. But what happens if you leave the parking lot earlier than planned? autoSense has also thought about this: The parking meter stops automatically, and you only pay for the time you have actually parked.

A glimpse into the future

With autoSense, we are ideally prepared for the challenges of modern mobility. The innovative approach combines service, insurance and parking in a way that makes life noticeably easier for us. It remains exciting to see what other features and services will be added in the future. But one thing is already certain: With autoSense, car drivers are always one step ahead.


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