Car expenses in the tax return: it's easy!

Nicolas Noth
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“Kurt*, the tax documents arrived today...” Nicole* gives her husband the big envelope. Kurt sighs. Last year, the tax authorities made a huge complaint about the deductions. Kurt tried to use the data from his calendar to define professional trips and to differentiate them from private trips. But that wasn't reliable enough for the lady from the tax office.

Here we go again, Kurt groans inwardly. Nicole looks at her husband and sees what he's thinking. Suddenly, a thought flashes through her head: Didn't Kurt say something about a new system in the car? “That's right,” Kurt confirms, “We have an app called autoSense. With Migrol, for example, I can pay directly at the pillar, all with the app on my mobile phone. And it also records my trips. Maybe that would help me with taxes...”

He picks up his cell phone and calls his colleague Hans Bellorini, the fleet manager at Admeira. “Hans, can I use autoSense data for my tax return?” Kurt asks. Hans Bellorini confirms to his colleague: “Yes, the autoSense digital logbook was checked by the responsible tax authority. It complies with valid case law and therefore tax requirements and is recommended by the tax authority. The digital logbook is therefore considered as proof of the tax return!” Kurt sighs with relief. One less problem. He can easily export the digital logbook from the autoSense app and integrate the business trips accordingly into the tax return.

The fleet manager is also satisfied in business. One more employee with one less problem. So it was worth setting up the autoSense application for his people after all, Bellorini thinks. Well done, he praises himself internally. However, it remains completely controlled from the outside world. After all, you're a manager...

*Name changed


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