Vehicle diagnosis & location with autoSense: Always keeping an eye on your car

Jessica Wick
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Vehicle diagnosis: Check the status of your car in the app

Engine and battery check Maintaining your car is important to ensure road safety at all times. With our engine and battery check, you always know how your car is doing and can also keep your garage up to date if you wish. If damage is identified, for example in the event of a potential engine failure, we will immediately inform you in the app. If the AMAG garage service is activated, the garage will be notified and you will also be contacted with details of the damage.

Complete overview of your vehicle Keep your vehicle in perfect condition. We'll remind you in good time that it's time for the next service. The time depends on the time setting, the mileage or the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicle tracking: Always know where your car is

How many times have we walked into a large parking lot and wondered where exactly we parked our car? Or did we feel lost in the middle of the busy streets of a foreign city and wished we could locate our car with one click? Thanks to cutting-edge technology and advanced applications such as autoSense, this is now possible.

The autoSense app not only allows you to locate your vehicle in real time, but also offers an integrated manipulation alert that notifies you when your car is being moved without your knowledge. This can be invaluable, particularly in situations where there is a risk of vehicle theft.

How does it work?

This innovative technology is based on a GPS-based system. The compact autoSense adapter, which is simply plugged into your vehicle, records the exact location of your car. As soon as the system is active, it continuously sends data to the autoSense app on your smartphone. This gives you real-time access to the current position of your vehicle and can check where it is at any time.

Using the app is extremely easy. As soon as you open the app, a map shows you the exact location of your car. If you want more information, you can click on “My Car” and get details such as the exact address and when the car was parked there.

Safety comes first

Another notable feature of autoSense is the tampering alert. If your car is moved without you having authorized it, you will immediately receive a notification. This can be particularly useful to identify potential theft or towing of your vehicle.

A stunning example of the effectiveness of vehicle tracking was told to us by Mario C., an AutoSense user whose car was stolen while vacationing in Italy. Thanks to the autoSense adapter, Mario was able to track the exact location of his stolen car via the app and inform the police. The result? His car was quickly found again.

Here Can you read the full success story of Mario C.

autoSense's vehicle tracking technology offers both convenience and an increased sense of security. In times when mobility and accessibility are becoming increasingly important, this system is a valuable companion. It allows users to know the location of their vehicle at any time, which can be helpful not only in emergency situations. With autoSense, you always have the certainty of knowing the location of your car and can therefore go about your everyday life with more trust and security.


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