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autoSense wants to make mobility more efficient, safer and more convenient by connecting every driver to their car and sharing this data transparently with third parties. The anonymized data from autoSense offers an ideal opportunity to test and develop new solutions, as large amounts of vehicle data are collected and stored in the autoSense cloud. Customer data is always anonymized and only used in accordance with our terms and conditions and applicable data protection laws.

Learn how anonymized data can be used by autoSense in the following three use cases.

autoSense - Datennutzung - Anonymisierte Daten gemeinsam für Ihre Projekte nutzen 

Mobility behavior

There are still many challenges in transport that need to be overcome. Millions of hours are spent in traffic jams every day and hazardous road conditions or uncontrolled driving can lead to accidents. Vehicle data can be a valuable resource in this regard. By monitoring and predicting traffic flow and applying driving behavior insights, areas on the road that are potentially dangerous and require attention can be identified.

Municipal institutions are interested in the mobility behavior of vehicle drivers in order to minimize traffic accidents, control speed behavior or even analyze driving behavior. By providing anonymized customer data, it is possible to research how the Swiss population behaves on the roads and use it to ensure greater safety.

autoSense - Datennutzung - Anonymisierte Daten gemeinsam für Ihre Projekte nutzen 

How can traffic accidents be minimized using anonymized customer data from autoSense?

The public sector is already aware of where serious accidents occur. With autoSense data, potential future accident areas can be identified and preventive measures can then be defined.

Accident heat maps through driving behavior analyses

By tracking the driving behavior of drivers, an extrapolation can be created, which shows in a heat map where these risky areas are. Up to now, speed measurements have been carried out over a longer period of time in order to establish the correlation between speed and accidents. This is a huge cost and can be reduced with our solution


Driving safety

With access to anonymized data about the use of vehicles by our customers, insurance providers can offer customized products that are tailored to individual needs and behavioral patterns. autoSense is a valuable source of data that is needed to develop and test models and ideas for the future of insurance providers — all without the need for hardware investments on your part. By digitizing the calculation of risks, processing claims and offering products, the way insurance providers operate can be made more efficient and customer-oriented.

autoSense - Datennutzung - Anonymisierte Daten gemeinsam für Ihre Projekte nutzen 
Research assignments/studies

Effects of exogenous factors on driving behavior and investments

The energy price increases in 2022, which have an exogenous cause due to the Ukraine war, offer an interesting opportunity to study how companies and households react to price increases. autoSense can provide anonymized data to analyze the correlation between externally available fuel price increases and driving behavior over a longer period of time. How have price increases, for example, influenced fuel consumption and households' driving habits? Can conclusions be made about households' investment decisions (in particular through the procurement of electric vehicles).

autoSense - Datennutzung - Anonymisierte Daten gemeinsam für Ihre Projekte nutzen 

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