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Nicolas Noth
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Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant both for private customers and in fleet management. With autoSense, you can identify your optimization potential.

Optimize trips, electrify the vehicle fleet and make driving behavior sustainable — transparently and simply with autoSense. We provide you with features and services with which, on the one hand, you can create transparency, avoid unnecessary trips and thus CO2 emissions, reduce unavoidable fuel consumption to a minimum and easily compensate.

The autoSense solution provides a well-founded basis for decision-making on vehicle replacement or use of e-vehicles and the optimization of their fleet utilization in order to transparently reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and reduce costs. Thanks to the autoSense ecosystem, you can not only charge quickly and easily or offset your effective emissions in the app, but also benefit from flexible and smart insurance solutions and save money.

E-mobility analysis by BKW

As an autoSense fleetPro customer, you have the option of having a detailed analysis prepared by our partner BKW. This helps you to make the right decisions necessary to switch to e-mobility for your fleet.


With the pool car module, shared vehicles can be easily booked and you always know which vehicles are on the road when, where and for what purpose. The utilization of individual vehicles can be transparently monitored and optimization potential identified.


Thanks to our feature score, drivers' driving behavior can be made sustainable in a fun and easy way and provides a basis for stimulating optimizations and minimizing unnecessary fuel consumption.

Pay-per-kilometer insurance

Avoid unnecessary trips by car, be fully insured and save money at the same time. With autoSense insurance partners who provide you and your employees with the best possible service and innovative insurance products. Such as flexible pay-per-kilometer insurance with kilometre-specific billing. You only pay as much as you drive. ‍


Charge your electric car quickly and easily in the app. Drive to the charging station with autoSense, charge and conveniently trigger the payment process in the app. And then it can go on.

CO2 compensation with South Pole

How high are your CO2 emissions, or those of your fleet vehicles, per month? We not only have answers to this question, but also give you the opportunity to offset emissions via the autoSense app and improve your ecological footprint. You can also read transparently in which sustainable projects South Pole invests your contribution. ‍

We have therefore developed a range of digital tools to help companies get a good overview of their vehicle fleet. We want to make things easy for you. Get an easy overview of how your company's vehicles are being used, carbon emissions, and driving behavior. How can you start carbon offsetting and reduce your fleet's carbon footprint?

Climate Compensation White Paper


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