Delimiting CO2 emissions from business trips

Nicolas Noth
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autoSense fleetBasic is an innovative solution for companies that need a simple and reliable electronic logbook for their employees. The ability to easily separate business and private journeys and to delimit the corresponding CO2 emissions for the company's environmental balance sheet is currently of great interest and value.

The main benefits of autoSense fleetBasic at a glance:

  1. Tax-compliant digital logbook: autoSense fleetBasic meets the requirements of the tax authorities, making it easier to manage and justify business and private journeys.
  2. Separation of business and private journeys: the application enables a simple and clear distinction to be made between business and private journeys. This helps to accurately record the CO2 emissions of business journeys and to correctly attribute them to the company's CO2 balance sheet in order to draw up an accurate eco-balance sheet.
  3. Control over driving data: Drivers have total control over their driving data, which not only protects their privacy, but also guarantees the accuracy of the data.
  4. Driving behaviour: The application also enables drivers to analyse their personal driving behaviour, resulting in greater efficiency, enhanced safety and, potentially, cost savings.
  5. Simplicity of expense claims: the automated system makes it easier to draw up expense claims, reducing the administrative burden for drivers and management control.
  6. Access to partner services: drivers benefit from exclusive access to a range of services through autoSense partners, simplifying day-to-day driving needs such as refuelling, parking and maintenance services.
  7. Trip categorisation: Special categories can be created in the autoSense application for different driving patterns, enabling even more detailed data collection and analysis.
  8. Cost-effective: the basic fee starts at CHF 5 per vehicle per month, and the necessary autoSense OBD-II adapter has a one-off cost from CHF 79 per vehicle.

You can find out more about autoSense fleetBasic and other products here:


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