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The autoSense app playfully supports sustainable driving

With the driveScore feature in the app, autoSense supports sustainable driving: playfully, simply and vividly. In a personal overview in the app, the overall score is shown, which is based on all previous trips and driving behavior. The smiley shows the current score.

For autoSense, sustainability is at the heart of its mission. Since 2021, autoSense has been allowing its users to offset the CO2 emissions of their car trips directly in the app, offsetting more than 10,000 tons of CO2 in 2022.

In addition, autoSense also supports sustainable driving through DriveScore in a fun, simple and clear way.

How does it work exactly: driveScore uses sensor data collected by the autoSense adapter installed in the vehicle to analyze every single trip. This data includes mileage, acceleration, and speed.

The performance of each trip is presented in the form of a score on a scale of 0 to 100. The key metrics for calculating this rating are smooth acceleration and braking as well as careful cornering. A higher DriveScore therefore stands for safer, more efficient and more sustainable driving.

Users also have the option to track the development of their driving style over time. They can compare themselves with the autoSense community and receive valuable tips on how to further improve their driving style and be more efficient on the road.

Der driveScore in der App
ThedDriveScore in the app

Good to know: autoSense starts the Cantons' driveScore Challenge from October 23!

The autoSense driveScore Challenge is an exciting new initiative from autoSense aimed at raising awareness of safe driving and encouraging drivers to improve their driving behavior. All participants drive for their favorite canton and collect points together for the best score, the maximum DriveScore.

More information about the driveScore Challenge is available here: driveScore challenge

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