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Data Protection

The security of your data is important to us

At autoSense, we believe that your vehicle data belongs only to you. Because you are also the owner of your car. Just as you decide yourself whether people are allowed to ride with you or even rent your car, you decide yourself at any time whether you want to share your vehicle data with other partners or not.

The responsible and legally compliant handling of your data is of central importance to us. And your trust in us is our greatest asset. We therefore always comply with applicable law, including Swiss telecommunications and data protection law.

Within the registration we need the following data from you: Title, first name/last name, e-mail address, telephone number, address, nationality, date of birth, copy of your identification document (only for dongles with WiFi Hotspot functionality) and vehicle chassis number.

For the installation of the autoSense app we also need the phone number of the mobile device (e.g. mobile phone or tablet) on which the autoSense app is installed.

What data is collected and stored by autoSense as standard during use?

The use of autoSense services requires the collection, storage and evaluation of data. This includes the following data as standard:

  • Vehicle data (GPS position of the vehicle, driving behaviour such as speed deviations, sharp curves, abrupt acceleration and braking, etc.)
  • Trip data (information on trips made such as start and end points, trip length, time travelled, etc.)
  • Vehicle error messages (engine error, DTC codes, etc.)
  • Further vehicle data (tank level, mileage, battery status, etc.) autoSense can only read data from your vehicle. Your car cannot be actively accessed or influenced.

What data is shared with third parties?

In the autoSense app you have the possibility to share your vehicle data with third parties and thus benefit from individualized offers. autoSense only shares this data with the desired partners if you expressly agree to their use and distribution. In the autoSense app you can add or deselect partner services at any time

Data records containing your name or address will not be passed on to third parties. Unless products or services are purchased that are subject to payment. In this case, the necessary data will be passed on to our payment processor.

What else does autoSense do to ensure my privacy?

We store your personal data (collected during commissioning) and user data (collected during use of the service) separately on different servers. This ensures that neither autoSense employees nor third parties can match personal data with user data without your consent.

You also have the right to receive written information at any time and free of charge about your personal data processed by autoSense and third parties (e.g. payment processors). You can simply send your request for information by e-mail to the following address, enclosing a copy of your identification document: You also have the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal data. Upon termination of the contract, we will irrevocably delete your personal data unless autoSense is required by applicable laws and regulations to retain such data.

Is data aggregated and anonymized in order to optimize the service?

Your individual data will never be evaluated without your consent. Traffic data can also be useful for scientific or social purposes. For example, they are used to calculate traffic jam data, intelligent traffic control or urban planning. autoSense also provides data for this purpose. We ensure at all times that no conclusions can be drawn about individual persons, vehicles or journeys. This requires so-called aggregation and anonymization of data. This means that a large amount of data is bundled and modified in such a way that it can no longer be assigned to a single person.